#CrushCruelty London March 12th August 2017

The 12th August, a day previously associated with the start of the grouse shooting season took on new meaning this year as thousands of campaigners took to the streets of London for the #CrushCruelty march.The Demonstrators, led by writer and broadcaster, Chris Packham, marched through central London to Downing Street, calling for an end to badger culling and driven grouse shooting and urging the Government to keep the ban on fox hunting with hounds.


Packham told the crowd that Fox hunting was ‘out of date’ and continued: “They sometimes say: 'Ah, it's a tradition.' Slavery was a tradition, racism was a tradition, homophobia was a tradition. We haven't quite got rid of all of them, but we are justifiably trying to get rid of these abhorrent, out-of-date ideas. The idea that in the 21st century it's appropriate to charge around the countryside tearing animals to pieces with dogs is wrong, pure and simple.


Tris Pearce, A trustee of the Badger Trust said: “We can’t keep spending taxpayers’ money killing badgers with it making absolutely no meaningful contribution to the reduction of tuberculosis.”

The march, that extended the length of Regent’s Street had campaigners display placards such as Keep the ban, Stop the cull and, in a play on the Sex Pistols album cover, Never mind the B*llocks - where’s the Hen Harriers Mark Avery, Author and Campaigner said “We are robbed of Hen Harriers because of wildlife crime on grouse moors – just another reason to ban this unkind, unsustainable and unnecessary so-called sport’.’



The loudest cheer of the day came from the news that Hunt Saboteurs had successfully stopped a shoot on the Notorious Saddleworth Moor before moving to the Fitzwilliam estate in the heart of the Peak District and preventing the afternoon shoot.


The #Crush Cruelty march organised by Badger Trust, Born Free Foundation, IFAW, League Against Cruel Sports and Save Me Trust, is proof of the new momentum from the public in calling for an end to animal abuse in the British countryside.


Save Me Trust has actively campaigned to protect and strengthen the Hunting Act and to stop the ineffective, inhumane and expensive badger cull. Speaking at the march Save Me called for the exemptions in the hunting act to be removed, for Custodial sentences and that the Police and CPS take action. 

Badger culling that can never be the solution to Bovine TB in cattle. We are appalled by the inhumane destruction of a protected species, with no badgers even being tested for bTB. Every Badger shot costs the British taxpayer £7000 - for that, we could get a new nurse into our wonderful NHS for every three badgers shot by contract killers - and they shot over 10,000 last year alone. Now is the time to stop the cull.




The #CrushCruelty march ensures that Animal welfare stays high on the Governments agenda following Theresa May’s pre election comments that she “Had always supported fox hunting and would support it being reintroduced” with the comment being widely accepted as one of the main reasons for the Conservative party losing its majority in the 2017 general election. Polls consistently reveal around 84% of the British public are opposed to Hunting with hounds.


Sport is what we have witnessed this week at the World Athletics championships in London, where the hard work and commitment of a few, delight millions worldwide - NOT the wholesale slaughter of Grouse and Pheasants by a minority, prepared to destroy our native moorlands and devastate our native wildlife for their own pleasure.